Garbage Can Cleaning

St. George




Arrival Time: No Appointment Needed 

Local to: St George

Insured: Yes

Licensed: Yes

Local Favorite • Eco-Friendly Cleaning • Permitted

How does the trash bin cleaning service work?

Refresh Eco Wash's cleaning service comes to your home on one of your regularly scheduled trash collection days. Just leave the trash bins, which you scheduled service for, at the curb after trash collection and the automated eco wash system will clean, deodorize and sanitize the trash bins right at your curb.

 If I sign up, when will you clean my trash bins?

The day after your regularly scheduled trash collection day.

Do I have to sign up all of my trash bins?

No. You can sign up one or as many as you would like

Can I alternate or rotate bins each cleaning cycle?

No. Each container has its own identifier and only trash bins that have a scheduled service will be cleaned.  

What happens if I move out of the Refresh Eco Wash cleaning service area?

You may cancel the service at any time. See our cancelation policy for details. 



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How can busy families and new home buyers find the service providers they need to care for their home? A group of service providers asked the same question and after excited discussion created Servo, an association of premium home care service providers.

A special note to our customers, without your constant feedback, appreciation, and business we would not exist. Thank you for allowing us into your home. We can’t thank you enough for trusting us with your most sacred place. Thank you for giving us a reason to love what we do.

Servo’s goal is to make the entire Home Services buying process as easy and pain-free for both service providers and homeowners. We are constantly working to improve and are going to keep going until both sides feel Servo is the best, easiest, and most efficient way to book home services. 


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Bonus Question: Am I paying extra by buying my services through Servo?

Answer: No, Servo services are the same price or better than buying from the provider directly, guaranteed.

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